Beat License 

Royalty of the musical part and the part relating to the production contract with the record label are divided 50% between producer and Client.


The work is based on Your requests and on the reference track given. Any change of reference track after begin of work, will imply to pay an extra fee.

Vocal Recording

The Price for Vocal Recording is 60 Euro per Hour. 

For Vocal Mixing is 40 Euro per hour as needed.

This includes comping the vocals (singing several times and choosing the best lines) and tuning vocals.

This is in addition to the studio time costs, and only happens if you specifically request it.

Studio Session
For each Song or Instrumental Production is  one Studio Session of 8 Hours Included.
For evry extra Studio Session you will imply to pay an extra fee of  30€ per Hour.
Rent a Studio
You can also rent my Studio for a flat Fee.



Singers are not included in the price only in the Song Production Pack.


There is the possibility of professional international singers from USA and UK (prices start from € 400,00).



The work will be timetabled after payment of the advance (not refundable). Delivery times vary between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the moment of the year.


Payment methods


50% of the total amount to start the song and the payoff at delivery. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal (commissions for payment by PayPal: 3,8% of the total amount).

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